What's in it for you?

The BioVentureHub offers emerging life science companies and academic teams an innovative way to access AstraZeneca’s experience, expertise and infrastructure.

Embedded at the heart of AstraZeneca Gothenburg, BioVentureHub members become part of a unique, open and collaborative scientific community, with the same access to the facilities as AstraZeneca staff. 

AstraZeneca employees are often thrilled to learn about new projects and new scientific approaches in the BioVenturehub. They are very proud when they are asked to give their opinions and advice.


Would your company fit in?

BioVentureHub philosophy...

Whether you are biotech, MedTech, e-health, academia... the core principle permeating throughout the BioVentureHub is that you share a collaborative and open attitude built on mutual respect, innovation and scientific curiosity.