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An innovative way to access big pharma know-how and infrastructure.

At AstraZeneca, we love the passionate beat of collaboration and the unpredictable rhythm of innovation.

At the heart of the AstraZeneca site in Gothenburg, Sweden, we are proud to have the BioVentureHub – giving emerging biotech/medtech companies and academic groups a unique opportunity to co-locate and interact with big pharma, and each other, to advance the life sciences.

As in a dance, we combine our styles, skills and embellishments to create something beautiful, passionate and endlessly exciting. With our expertise and experience we can lead - we love to lead. We’re equally happy to follow...

We know that we both have important things to contribute.


Embedded at the heart of AstraZeneca Gothenburg, you become part of a unique, open and collaborative scientific community. BioVentureHub members have the same access
to the facilities as AstraZeneca staff. 

Access to scientific leadership

Locating your business in the BioVentureHub at AstraZeneca Gothenburg, you can tap into the power of AstraZeneca’s world-class scientists and state-of-the art, ‘big pharma’ lab facilities and infrastructure.

Open doors and open innovation

AstraZeneca Gothenburg is an integrated discovery and development site built to facilitate open innovation and spontaneous interactions. AstraZeneca has invested heavily in open innovation, including access to compound libraries and screening technologies.


Being part of the BioVentureHub and co-locating with AstraZeneca helps you grow a stronger and more successful life science business. The road to market becomes less risky and costly.

A great place to work

As one of three strategic AstraZeneca R&D centres, and with a rich scientific heritage, AstraZeneca Gothenburg is more than just a great place to work. It is a vibrant, diverse and open environment in which you and your business can thrive.

A great place to live

With its seaside setting and close proximity to cultural and natural attractions, Gothenburg - the second largest city in Sweden – fully deserves all the recognition it gets as a top travel destination, and a clean, well-functioning place for you to live and enjoy. Check out the 'Move to Gothenburg' website.

Unique service offering

Companies and research groups in the BioVentureHub get access to world-class expertise and infrastructure at AstraZeneca. Besides significant cost savings by co-locating with AstraZeneca, everything is optimized to enable business success.



Access to world-class scientific and technical skills

AstraZeneca Gothenburg features all the skills and capabilities you need to take drug projects from early discovery to launch. This includes everything from early medicinal chemistry and in vitro/vivo biology through drug safety and metabolism to pharmaceutical and clinical development.

Several specialised skills such as computational biology, transgenics, personal healthcare and biomarkers are represented at the site, to mention just a few. We also have specialised on-site expertise across the entire discovery and development value chain when it comes to respiratory/inflammation, autoimmunity, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases therapy areas - including a centre of excellence for inhalation.

“By acting in an environment with the competence and experience present at the BioVentureHub and AstraZeneca, we expect to reduce inherent development risks in the project and that our efforts will yield results much more quickly.”

- Henrik Nittmar, CEO of Corline Biomedical AB

How independently can you run your company in the BioVentureHub?

The BioVentureHub is a community of trust. We will ask you to enter into a basic rental agreement with AstraZeneca. The rental agreement defines facility-related rights and obligations, and includes a confidentiality policy. The rental agreement does not give AstraZeneca any rights to your company information nor to potential inventions/IP – not even a “first right of refusal”. As such, you have full freedom to operate as an independent company. No strings attached.

Would your company fit in?

Whether you are biotech, medtech, e-health, academia... the core principle permeating throughout the BioVentureHub is that you share a collaborative and open attitude built on mutual respect, innovation and scientific curiosity. 

The BioVentureHub is an ideal growth catalyst for companies that have just entered or are about to enter the development phase. 

Interested? Contact...

Magnus Björsne
AstraZeneca BioVentureHub
+46 70 846 70 86


AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub was established in 2014 as an innovative ecosystem to further strengthen the life science industry in Scandinavia.


Ideal for emerging biotech and medtech businesses and academic groups. 30 companies, 1 academic group, 4 external sponsors, 2 scientific partners.


Approx. 2,800 m2 office & lab space in central site location. AstraZeneca Gothenburg employs approx. 2,600 people, including 600 Ph.D. scientists

Why is AstraZeneca doing this?

AstraZeneca set up the BioVentureHub to further strengthen the life science ecosystem in Scandinavia. Using resources and capacity in a new way, the hub exposes AstraZeneca to more innovation and science. It stimulates an even more vibrant place to work and generates future collaboration opportunities. More dance partners is a positive side effect!

“Combining different value chains, ideas and perspectives in the same place, our vision is to generate a climate of open innovation that will help grow and nurture the Scandinavian life science ecosystem.” 
- Magnus Björsne, AstraZeneca BioVentureHub

Meet the companies


Alzinova is specializing in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease by targeting the toxic amyloid-β oligomers. Alzinova’s proprietary AβCC peptide™ technology enables the development of disease-modifying therapies that with high precision could target the toxic amyloid-β oligomers involved in the onset and progression of the disease. The lead candidate, ALZ-101, is in late preclinical development as a therapeutic vaccine and is currently being prepared for the first clinical trial in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, at the turn of the year 2020/2021.


Amferia was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from Professor Martin Andersson’s Nanomaterials Lab at Chalmers University, Sweden. Amferia’s proprietary patented technology is a new and effective antibacterial material. The material consists of bioinspired and amphiphilic antibacterial polymers that target and rapidly kill bacteria upon contact, including numerous antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA and MDR E. Coli.


We enable decision-makers in clinical drug development to optimize outcomes and minimize risk in Phase 1b and Phase 2 trials by the use of advanced imaging techniques. We also provide expert support for product differentiation in life cycle management. We specialize in cardio-metabolic conditions and oncology/immuno-oncology.


ApconiX was formed in 2015 by three AstraZeneca colleagues with the drive and ambition to create a world-renowned company known for its expertise in nonclinical safety toxicology and ion channel electrophysiology.  The company is founded on the skills and experience of a growing team with a wide range of expertise in preclinical drug safety

Athera Biotechnologies

Athera has a unique and in-depth understanding of the immunological components in atherosclerosis, the inflammatory process leading to cardiovascular disease (CVD). The lead product candidate, the fully human antibody PC-mAb, is in clinical development. In addition, Athera has developed a biomarker and companion diagnostic CVDefine® kit.


CELLINK has created one of the world's first universal Bioinks, today used by many of the world's most well reputed research institutions. A Bioink can be mixed with living cells to print functional human tissues and if future research is successful, eventually, complete human organs in so-called 3D-Bioprinters. CELLINK's universal Bioink shows excellent results and can be used in both CELLINK's proprietary 3D Bioprinters and in 3D Bioprinters developed by other operators.

Cereno Scientific

Cereno Scientific is committed to intelligent thrombosis prevention. The company is developing an innovative pharmaceutical to strengthen the body's own intelligent defence system to prevent blood clots - to be used globally in the treatment of thrombosis-related cardiovascular diseases.

CFM Pharma

CFM Pharma Holding B.V. is a Dutch pharmaceutical company founded in 2007. It possesses a patented technology that provides a new, much-improved treatment of various acute traumatic indications such as heart attack, second-and-third-degree burns, acute renal failure and other traumatic injuries.

Cline Scientific

Cline Scientific is an innovative life science company focusing on the use of nanotechnology and nanoscale surface gradients to improve stem cell and cancer research. The company is using nanoscale surface engineering to support cell biology research, through two main applications; stem cell differentiation and culture, and migration in cancer cell research.

Corline Biomedical

Corline Biomedical AB is a Nasdaq/OMX First North (CLBIO) listed company that develops, manufactures and markets heparin-based solutions to improve kidney transplantation, cell therapies and applications in the evolving field of regenerative medicine.


Founded in 2003, datametrix is a Swiss clinical research organization with a strong heritage in statistical analysis and programming, clinical data management and medical writing. With more than 13 years of experience, we are well-established alternative to top tier CROs, delivering high quality and cost-effective services to pharmaceutical, life science and biotech industries

Ectin Research

Ectin Research is a cancer therapy company with a technology based on repositioning of approved drugs and an initial efficacy observation in a bladder cancer patient with spread and incurable disease. The initial aim of the company is to focus on treating metastasized bladder cancer to prove the efficacy of the therapy. Following this, Ectin Research plans to explore the treatment of other cancer indications.

Emeriti Bio

Emeriti Bio AB is a privately held sister company to Emeriti Pharma AB. The focus is on novel treatment options for heavy menstrual bleeding. Emeriti Bio AB is also developing molecules for validated pharmaceutical drug targets in different areas. Finally, Emeriti Bio AB provides consultancy services in chemistry, drug discovery and drug development.


Emotra is medical device company developing, clinically documenting and marketing an objective and quantitative method/product, EDOR®, for testing depressed patients within psychiatric care. A series of clinical studies have proven that the test identifies hyporeactive individuals. The Emotra AB:s share has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since 2013.


Immunicum is establishing a unique immuno-oncology approach through the development of allogeneic, off-the-shelf cell-based therapies. The company's lead product ilixadencel, consisting of pro-inflammatory allogeneic dendritic cells, has the potential to become a backbone component of modern cancer combination treatments in a variety of solid tumor indications.

Inorbit Therapeutics

Inorbit Therapeutics AB discovers and develops small molecule therapeutics based on molecules with proven clinical efficacy in humans. Inorbit focuses currently on compounds for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Gout, Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD / NASH), and inflammatory diseases. Read more at

In Singulo Solutions

In Singulo Solutions develops next generation biosensing platforms for drug discovery based on single molecule microscopy. The In Singulo platform opens new avenues to biophysically characterize challenging drug targets such as membrane proteins.

Intelligent Implants

Intelligent Implants is developing a wireless implantable bioelectronic stimulation platform incorporated into standard orthopedic implants. With excellent pre-clinical trial outcomes, Intelligent Implants is now looking to bring its breakthrough technology into the clinic


I-Tech, develops, manufacture and market an antifouling substance, Selektope. Selektope has proven remarkable fouling protection even in the most demanding situations and in very low concentrations in marine paints. Our vision is to be a global developer and supplier of marine biocides with an extended market share.


Addressing the microbiome, MetaboGen is creating breakthrough opportunities to develop novel therapeutics and next generation probiotics. The company was founded based on world leading science from the labs of Professor Fredrik Bäckhed (University of Gothenburg) and Professor Jens B Nielsen (Chalmers University of Technology), to provide commercial access to metagenome research and development.

Metynex Pharmaceuticals

Metynex is a new company committed to the development of pharmaceuticals in the cardiometabolic area. The company has expertise in both preclinical and early clinical development in this therapeutic area. A new principle for treatment of type II diabetes is under development. The substance improves peripheral insulin sensitivity and also reduces the risk of the co-morbidities that are common in diabetics. 


Mölnlycke is a world leading medical solutions company. We develop and bring to market innovative wound care and surgical solutions along the entire continuum of care – from prevention to post-acute settings. Learn more at


Chalmers University of Technology/Gothenburg University have located their NanoSIMS laboratory in the BioVentureHub. The lab offers unique, ultra-high spatial chemical imaging giving true sub-cellular localisation of molecules in cells and tissue, as well as quantitative isotopic imaging for many other applications ranging from geology to materials science. 


Building on a spin out from AstraZeneca, OnDosis is developing a smart drug delivery platform for personalized and connected dosing of medicines. The OnDosis devices combine tailored and flexible dosing and mobile health technologies with the objective to improve treatment outcomes for a wide array of diseases and patients. The first OnDosis product is under development with the aim to reach the market in 2020.


Promimic has developed a process that makes it possible to modify all types of implant materials and geometries with a nanometer-thin surface of synthetic bone minerals; HAnano Surface. It is based on the substance hydroxyapatite (HA), which by size, shape, structure and chemistry mimics the living bone tissue. The HAnano Surface is licensed to dental and orthopaedic implants companies. Promimic is a spin-off company based on research from Chalmers University of Technology.

Q&Q Labs

Q&Q Labs is a contract laboratory for custom research services within the field of organic analytical chemistry. Our main focus is to provide analysis services of active substances to producers of pharmaceuticals, medical device and food supplements.

RLS Global

RLS Global AB is a medtech life science company. Based on the company's unique hypochlorite platform, RLS develops and sells products for some of the most common diseases within dental and wound care. RLS Global’s current portfolio includes brands such as ChloraSolv®, Perisolv®, Carisolv® och Kindersolv®. The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange.


Since its founding in 2012, Scandinavian Development Services has grown into a multi-disciplinary team of handpicked specialists with regulatory and scientific knowledge in medicinal product development and statistics. Our ambition is to guide our clients in transforming their research hypotheses into full clinical studies. We adopt a holistic approach in collaboration with our clients to provide the best solutions for each unique project. Our passion is to solve those tricky questions which have no obvious answers.




Synergon offers qualified strategic IP advice and IP portfolio management, with a focus on protection of commercially viable IP, keeping costs at a minimum. We see the big picture around Intellectual Property (IP) from a business-oriented perspective within the Life Science, biotechnology and IT sectors.

BioVentureHub alumni companies

Emeriti Pharma



Liv Diagnostics





Vicore Pharma


“AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub is an exciting innovation model for strengthening competitiveness and collaboration in the life science industry. It’s smart Swedish industry in action, serving as inspiration to other companies and industries when it comes to generating opportunities in the new industrial era.”
- Mikael Damberg, Swedish minister for enterprise and innovation

Interested? Contact...

Magnus Björsne
AZ BioVentureHub AB
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