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Three new companies join the BioVentureHub

By Jamie Smith - 24 Nov 2017
In Singulo Solutions, OnDosis and RLS Global have moved in

The BioVentureHub continues to grow and deliver on the ambition to combine life science value chains and stimulate entrepreneurial mindsets. There are now 23 companies and 1 academic group co-locating with AstraZeneca at its Gothenburg site. 7 new companies have joined so far during 2017.

The CEOs of the three latest companies to join comment below on why they chose to move into the BioVentureHub.

Tim Kaminski, In Singulo Solutions

“We are developing a biosensing platform to facilitate drug discovery, so it’s really important for us to be exposed to the problems and obstacles that biophysicists experience in their day-to-day work. The BioventureHub provides us exactly this exposure and thereby accelerates our design cycles dramatically.”


Martin Olovsson, OnDosis

“Building on an innovation originating from AZ, the BioVentureHub is a natural home for a company like OnDosis. Having close access to experts in clinical development, device development, regulatory and IP is critical to enable the fast and agile approach we are taking to accelerate our product development. Similarly, the opportunity to share learnings and build experience with peers facing similar challenges is really useful for us at this early stage of our company’s lifecycle.”


Kenth Hanssen, RLS Global

“RLS is well-known for its dental products, Carisolv and Perisolv. The technology we have developed over the past twenty years also has huge potential in other applications. Our development project, ChloraSolv, which is close to being finalized aims to use the technology for debridement in wound care. We decided to locate some of the R&D activities for the wound care project to the BioVentureHub as we saw it as an opportunity to benefit from the world-class life science infrastructure and expertise that AstraZeneca has built up at their Gothenburg site. Of course, this is something that we want to capitalize on for many projects to follow.”


In this video clip, Niklas Magnell, Chief Operating Officer for the BioVentureHub provides a brief perspective on the three new companies, and on the progress of the BioVentureHub.




About In Singulo
In Singulo Solutions develops next generation biosensing platforms for drug discovery based on single molecule microscopy. The In Singulo platform opens new avenues to biophysically characterize challenging drug targets such as membrane proteins.


About OnDosis
OnDosis is developing a smart drug delivery platform for personalized and connected dosing of medicines. OnDosis builds on a spin out from AstraZeneca with offices in their BioVentureHub in Gothenburg. The OnDosis devices combine tailored and flexible dosing and mobile health technologies with the objective to improve treatment outcomes for a wide array of diseases and patients. The first OnDosis product is under development with the aim to reach the market in 2020. For more information, see


About RLS Global
RLS Global AB is a medtech life science company. Based on the company's unique hypochlorite platform, RLS develops and sells products for some of the most common diseases within dental and wound care. RLS has a portfolio of strong brands, including ChloraSolv®, Perisolv® and Carisolv®. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North. For more information, see


About AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub
AstraZeneca established the BioVentureHub in 2014 as an open innovation ecosystem to further strengthen competitiveness and dynamism in the Scandinavian life science industry. Based on an innovative public-private partnership model and located at the heart of AstraZeneca Gothenburg, the BioVenturehub gives emerging biotech/medtech companies and academic groups from Sweden and abroad a unique opportunity to co-locate with - and tap into - the power of AstraZeneca’s world-class scientists and state-of-the-art lab facilities and infrastructure, and with each other. For more information, see


For more information, please contact:
Jamie Smith, AstraZeneca BioVentureHub, +46 723-757507,


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