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Ectin Research joins BioVentureHub

By Jamie Smith - 22 Dec 2017
Cancer therapy company gearing up to enter clinical development

Ectin Research is a cancer therapy company with a technology based on repositioning of approved drugs and an initial efficacy observation in a bladder cancer patient with spread and incurable disease.

The initial aim of the company is to focus on treating metastasized bladder cancer to prove the efficacy of the therapy. Following this, Ectin Research plans to explore the treatment of other cancer indications.

Anna Sjöblom-Hallén is CEO for Ectin Research:

”In 2018, Ectin Research aims to enter clinical phase I/IIa with our combination product MFA-370 to treat metastasizing bladder cancer patients. The company moved into the BioVentureHub since we believe  it provides the ideal infrastructure and expertise for our company to thrive and excel going forward into clinical phase.”


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