Profundus moves to AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub

Profundus, a Swedish biotech company pioneering eye diagnostics, has moved into the BioVentureHub at the heart of the AstraZeneca Gothenburg R&D site.

Profundus was founded by academics combining eye research and technology in the area of astronomy to address the development of high resolution, adaptive optics for retinal imaging. The company is developing an innovative system to image single cells and the smallest capillaries in the retina. The objective is to provide clinical and academic researchers with a clearer view of diseases that can cause vision impairment and/or blindness.

Philip Ambery, Global Clinical Head, Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolism, at AstraZeneca, says:
“At AstraZeneca, we are always curious about research, data and technology that can help us fast forward the pace of our science. We are very interested in using the eye as a window on the vasculature and potential connections with diseases in the heart, kidneys and liver. With Profundus joining the BioVentureHub, I am excited to have the opportunity to further explore potential use cases in relation to predicting outcomes. We conduct very large trials that look at outcomes in renal, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, and it’s very exciting to look at changes in the eye combined with artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning approaches to see if eye imaging can teach us more about a person’s medical condition and their prognosis.”

Åsa Lindström, CEO at Profundus AB, says:
”It is great to become part of AstraZeneca BioVentureHub and the exciting GoCo Health Innovation City campus that is being developed in and around AstraZeneca Gothenburg. We are looking forward to developing mutually beneficial relationships through close interactions with AstraZeneca scientists and the other BioVentureHub companies.”

Magnus Björsne, CEO at AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub, says:
“Fighting eye disease with space imaging technology – how cool is that?! We’re looking forward to helping Åsa and the Profundus team to accelerate their growth journey and create value for society. At the same time, we’re excited about the opportunity to catalyze and capture value for AstraZeneca by exposing our colleagues to a new approach to retinal diagnostics that has the potential to detect and evaluate disease earlier and more efficiently.”