BioVentureHub quarterly update


Magnus Björsne

Dear friends,

I hope you’ve had a restful and relaxing summer. The BioVentureHub team is recharged and ready to take on the opportunities and challenges of another exciting autumn. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we will be able to meet up and collaborate again in person.

A key focus area for us recently has been, and continues to be, contributing to the strategic development of GoCo Health Innovation City as a bold, powerful and collaborative environment for health innovation in and around AstraZeneca’s global R&D site in Gothenburg.

Against this background, we are very pleased that BioVentureHub team members, Anders Persson and Ramon Nogueras, have both taken on new and important roles within AstraZeneca to help guide and coordinate this development, together with our partners. Anders is now Executive Director Strategy & Innovation and Ramon is Project Director GoCo Health Innovation City.

Also within the context of GoCo Health innovation City, and building on learnings and experiences from the BioVentureHub, it’s great to see the HealthWorks patient innovation hub now up and running. We’re also super excited to be hosting the new OligoNova centre for therapeutic oligonucleotides in AstraZeneca facilities at the heart of GoCo Health Innovation City.

We have a number of new companies and research groups lined up to join the BioVentureHub in the coming weeks and months. We are grateful to all of our colleagues from across AstraZeneca who have been involved in the evaluation and onboarding processes for these new companies/groups.

Stay tuned for more updates about these and other important BioVentureHub initiatives; all aimed at bringing people together and driving growth and sustainability through innovation.

…also, since our previous update…....