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Jamie Smith

Carl-Johan Dalsgaard appointed new CEO of Vicore Pharma

The board of directors of Vicore Pharma Holding AB (”Vicore”) has on August 29, 2018 appointed Dr. Carl-Johan Dalsgaard as new CEO of Vicore. Carl-Johan Dalsgaard is CEO of INIM Pharma AB which was recently acquired by Vicore. He is a trained physician and PhD from the Karolinska Institute and has over 25 years of experience from drug development with Astra/AstraZeneca and several biotech companies.

Carl-Johan Dalsgaard replaces Per Jansson who has been the CEO of Vicore Pharma Holding AB since 2013 and also the CEO of Vicore Pharma AB since 2007. The appointment was made in light of Vicore’s expanded efforts in the development of treatments for interstitial lung diseases and the acquisition of INIM Pharma, which was founded by venture capital investor HealthCap. He will assume his position as per September 1, 2018.

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