The BioVentureHub is a sharing community. By repurposing and sharing infrastructure, expertise and ideas, we are supporting the sustainable growth of smaller companies. This catalyzes future health solution opportunities and supports sustainable ecosystems for healthcare.

How we operate at the BioVentureHub supports sustainable ecosystems for healthcare that benefit people and our planet through science-based innovations, specifically in the three following areas:


Access to healthcare

All companies within the BioventureHub use their capabilities to make the most meaningful impact where society needs it- Health and wellbeing . Which also is one  of the 17 UN sustainability development goals “ good health and wellbeing.”

The BioVentureHub business model is founded on the belief that by sharing access to the existing infrastructure , services, permits and big pharma expertise and experience:

  • we support the growth of SMEs in the life science community, and
  • catalyze future health solution opportunities


Environmental protection

AstraZeneca has set very ambitious sustainability targets and through its Ambition Carbon Zero programme, aims to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from their sites and fleet by 2025 and become carbon negative across their entire value chain by 2030.

Via the unique location in the heart of AstraZeneca R&D site in Gothenburg, this allow SME to have direct benefits of the AstraZenecas sites sustainability initiatives, including:

  • AZ Got site use 100% renewable energy
  • ISO 14001 certified
  • Waste management
  • Recycle paper hand towels
  • Programmes to reduce disposable plastics
  • SmartMover project,  e.g. 140 charging stations for our electrical cars


Ethics & transparency

By committing to the BioVentureHub lease agreement, BioVentureHub companies sign up to AZ ethical policies.

There are also a range of initiatives to support the BioVentureHub communities own sustainability strategies, such as:

  • Seminar and workshops
  • Sustainability coaching
  • Access to SDG tools
  • Network/exchange experiences best practices
  • Magnus Björsne, CEO of the BioVentureHub, is a board member of Global Compact Network Sweden