Diversity & inclusion

The BioVentureHub is an exceptional example of how a diverse team is fostering an open, inclusive and diverse culture to facilitate collaboration, drive innovation and expose AstraZeneca to a wider diversity of science and ways of working.

The BioVentureHub team has orchestrated the inclusion of 41 diverse external companies and research groups to co-locate with us at the AZ Gothenburg site.

With their diverse expertise - including intelligent implants, intelligent dosing, immunotherapies, lab automation, hyporeactivity, anti-infective devices, medical imaging, data science, healthcare gamification), the BioVentureHub is adding more ingredients and flavours to the smorgåsbord of scientific innovation that is being catalysed at the AZ Gothenburg site.

By bringing diverse sectors, ideas and perspectives, the BioVentureHub is helping to change the culture at AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca employees get exposed to different attitudes, mindsets and ways of working, and they are often thrilled to learn about new projects and new scientific approaches, and are very proud when they are asked to give their opinions and advice.

In 2018, the Medici Group, a diversity-focused innovation consultancy, named the BioVentureHub as ‘one of the most novel incubators in the world”


"Working seamlessly and inclusively"