Collaborative innovation

If we’re honest, we’re not working to a blueprint or grand plan.

But by creating an inclusive environment that makes it easier for scientific experts with diverse backgrounds and complementary skills to meet and interact, we’re seeing that we are creating a melting pot in the BioVentureHub in which collaborative innovation can flourish.

In 2020, the emerging companies and academic group in the BioVentureHub reported >20 scientific collaborations with AstraZeneca and >25 with each other.

The companies, from 4 countries, have initiated 78 clinical trials and recruited 61 new people. They continue to grow, thrive and advance life science – and expose AstraZeneca to a wider diversity of science.

Antaros Medical has grown from 2 to 60 people in 6 years, is currently running 30 clinical imaging studies on 4 continents.

OnDosis, a spin-out from AstraZeneca, has benefitted from the IBM collaboration, raised 30 MSEK in 2020 and signed a co-development agreement for its pioneering, patient-centric dosing solution.

Academic group, NanoSIMS, collaborated with AstraZeneca scientists on a publication that delivers the first method to measure drug content at a sub-cellular level.